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1st cee phd day october 2020 1The 1st final Year meeting the International PhD Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering will take place on Monday October 26th 2020 at 2:00 pm on Teams platform. The schedule of the meeting is available [here].



The results of the selection of the applicants to the Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering XXXVI Cycle, AY 2020-2021 have been published at the following link:


Dr. Stefano Mariani, research associate at Imperial College (UK), will give a seminar at the CEEPhD_UNIPG entitled "Automated Analysis of Ultrasonic Signals in NDE and SHM via Data-Driven Statistical Methods and Deep Learning", on Sept 18th at 12:00 (CET). The seminar will be online and delivered through TEAMS platform (Team: PL_Dott_Civil_Environmental_Engineering – Aula Didattica 1). The flyer of the seminary is available [here]. All interested students and Colleagues are welcome.